Overview of courses

Currently studying? Title of the course
'Conflict Transformation' according to Diana Francis
'Do No Harm' (DNH) Context Analysis
'Four-Ears Model' according to Schulz von Thun
'Levels of Escalation' according to Friedrich Glasl
'movie' - Monitoring of Effects
'Non-violent Communication' according to Marshall Rosenberg
'Pyramid of Actors' according to John Paul Lederach
'Triangle of Violence' according to Johan Galtung
'Value and Development Square' according to Schulz von Thun
Conflict mapping
Definition of 'conflict' according to Friedrich Glasl
Logical Framework Matrix (logframe matrix)
Peace and Conflict Tree
Phases of building a group (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Re-forming)
The Onion (PIN) Model